Youth Ministry Collection

Youth Ministry Collection
The Plainville Memorial Library received a $1200 ILDP grant in 2005 from the Kansas State Library Network Board. This grant was used to purchase materials on the subject of youth ministry. These materials have been added to our library for use in our community and for the statewide Interlibrary Loan Network. This network provides material that other libraries can borrow across the state. Descriptions describe items and sometimes provide reviews and ratings by readers.
5-Minute Devotions for Youth Ministry, 2002, 109 pages. Amazon description
Believe-it-or-not Bible Studies: 13 wild but true Bible stories, 2000, 92 pages. Amazon description
Ted and Lee Theater Works (VHS) Web site descriptions
God's kingdom
Big enough for you, 17 minutes
Bridge to forgiveness 13 minutes
Don't sit on your stuff 21 minutes
Vocation! Vocation! Vocation! 14 minutes
Combos for youth groups by David Stewart, 2004, 96 pages. Amazon description
Comprehensive guide to youth ministry counseling by Les Parrott, III, 2002, 188 pages. Amazon description
Countercultural Christians (VHS) by Tracy D. Lawrence and Chuck Colson. Web site description
Creative faith Ah-Ha's: 45 experiences to enrich youth by Tom and Joani Schultz, 2003. 128 pages. Amazon description
Dare 2B Wise: 10 minute devotions by Joe White and Kelly Stuart, 2004. 198 pages. Amazon description
Destination unknown: 50 quick mystery trips for youth groups by Sam Halverson, 2001, 128 pages. Amazon description
Do it! Active learning in youth ministry by Tom Schultz, 2000. 139 pages. Amazon description
Faith metaphors: 50 interactive object lessons for youth ministry, 2001. 117 pages. Amazon description
Friendship 911 Leaders guide: Helping friends who struggle with life's toughest issues by Josh McDowell, 2000. 156 pages. Amazon description
Friendship 911: supplemental video, 8 sessions 20 minutes total (VHS) by Josh McDowell. Web site description
Gigantic book of games for youth ministry, Vol. 2, 1999. 320 pages. Amazon description
Girls:10 gutsy, God-centered sessions on issues that matter to girls by Helen Musick, 2002. 112 pages. Amazon description
Go deeper retreats: 12 life-changing weekends for youth ministry, 2002. 150 pages. Amazon description
Group's Blockbuster Movie Night Events: Retreats and movie nights, 2005, pages. Amazon description
Guys: 10 fearless, faith-focused sessions on issues that matter to guys by Dan Jessup, 2002 128 pages. Amazon description
Handbook on counseling youth: Comprehensive guide for equipping youth workers, pastors, teachers, parents by Josh McDowell, 1996, 560 pages. Amazon description
The hope: the story of God's promise for all people; 36 Biblical events organized into 12 chapters (DVD) Web site description
How to stay Christian in high school by Steve Gerali, 2004. 127 pages. Amazon description
Incredible Illustrations: 101 illustrations-news you can use in your ministry by Mikal Keefer, 2004, 154 pages. Amazon description
IT: innovative tools for youth ministry: 1500 pages of life-changing ideas and a whopping 350 topics + customizable software Windows 98 2nd ed. Or higher, 2004. pages. Amazon description
Jesus' Passion: creative prayer stations: 7 prayer stations for an unforgettable experience (CD) Web site description
JumpStarters: 100 games to spark discussions, 2001 110 pages. Amazon description
Matt. 10:28: Intense drama 55 minutes (VHS)
Marking milestones & making memories for youth by Jason Schultz, 2004, 112 pages. Amazon description
Money talks: 10 lessons about getting, giving, saving, and spending by Todd Temple, 2003, 144 pages. Amazon description
My truth, your truth, whose truth?: Right from wrong, 30 minutes by Focus on the Family (VHS) Web site description
Not of this world devotions for youth ministry: 52 photocopiable devotions. Web stie description
PointMaker object lessons for youth ministry: 95 object lessons 10-15 minutes each by Katrina Arbuckle, 2000, 112 pages. Amazon description
Raising your children in an ungodly world: Book to help parents understand and relate to their teens by Mary Ronan, 2001, 236 pages. Amazon description
Raising your children in an ungodly world: 2 parts 40 minutes each for parents of teenagers by Mary Ronan (VHS)
Sex as God's gift curriculum; 2 videos with 6 programs 25 minutes each, 1 leader guide and student handouts by Mary Ronan, (VHS) Amazon description
Sex, love, relationships: Choices have consequences, 4 part video series, 135 minutes total by Pan Stenzel, (VHS) Amazon description
Single-digit youth groups by Marcey Balcomb, 2004, 112 pages. Amazon description
The top 13 questions about God: Intense discussions for youth ministry 2002, 96 pages. Amazon description
Top 20 messages for youth ministry by James Kochenburger, 2001, 126 pages. Amazon description
Tough stuff: 12 comprehensive sessions on growing through life's deepest pains by Wendy Cox, 2003, 160 pages. Amazon description
Transforming prayers: 40 unique experiences for youth ministry by Jenny Baker, 2003, 92 pages. Amazon description
Ultimate skits & 20 parables for driving home your point by Bryan Belknap, 2002, 94 pages. Amazon description
Unitybuilder devotions for small groups, 2001 124 pages. Amazon description
When a loved one dies: walking through grief as a teenager, 2004 (VHS) Amazon description
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