Summer Library Program 2009

This year’s summer library theme is Be Creative @ Your Library, and we are planning to get the kids’ creative juices flowing.  The children’s area will morph into a creative space as the kids fill up our walls with the books they have read.    There is also a picture frame wall where they can display their artwork, and we will have programs that will inspire them to be creative in different mediums, from drawing to acting.  

Summer library runs from June 2nd through July 7th.  Programs will be on Tuesday mornings starting at 10:00.  We will be doing creative come and go crafts on Thursdays from 10-3. Our program is open to kids who have completed kindergarten through the sixth grade. So bring in your creative kid and sign them up for summer library today!

This year's incentive is creating their own guitar.  If they meet their reading goal each week, they then get to add more decorations to their guitar.  The reading goals for this year are reading 5 dot books or 100 pages.  

First week- earn their guitar

Second week- earn a color to paint the guitar

Third week-earn buttons for tuning pegs

Fourth week-earn string for the guitar

Fifth week- earn decorations to put on their guitar

Preschoolers also get in on the act.  They can sign up for Video Time.  This is a chance for the kids to come in, pick out books, listen to a few stories, and have fun together this summer!

Stay tuned for the schedule of events!