Summer Library Week One

This week's theme for Be Creative @ your Library was acting. The PHS Drama Troupe came by and taught us different ways to act. They put on a puppet show, which was very "fishy". They also did a pantomime, showed us a mirror exercise, and did a little improv for us! We had a full house at the library, and we practiced our acting skills by pretending to be growing trees!

The craft on Thursday was making masks, and let me tell you, we have some very creative kids here. It is amazing how many different looking masks we can get, even though everyone uses the same art supplies.

I wonder who guessed the right amount of buttons? We have several guessers, and it looks like there are a lot of buttons! We have also had a lot of readers coming in and filling up there book logs. I think there are quite a few that reached their goal for the next week! Wahoo!